Our Goals

Project Plant Your Future’s #1 goal is to learn about the importance of planting trees and be able to reach out to as many people as possible to help educate others along the way.

We want this to be a personal experience for everyone, so to do that, we came up with the idea of planting something personal to a particular individual along with a tree.
Writing is a very personal way of expressing yourself, but sometimes we don’t always want our words to linger forever.  By writing them out on biodegradable paper we can see them slowly break away over time, but instead of them fading away forever, your words will bloom into beautiful flowers; serving as a reminder for yourself, and beauty for others.

The goal is to plant as much as possible throughout 2018, but if things go well within the year, we would like to make this a lifelong project and expand across the province/country/world for when we travel. 🙂